Name Arachnoiditis
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Symptoms of Arachnoiditis

Arachnoiditis describes inflammation which occurs inside the spine, around the spinal cord and spinal nerve roots. Can develop after back injury, spinal surgery, infections such as meningitis, and sometimes after injections into the spine.

Pain comes from nerve roots and generally impacts the lower parts of the body, but can affect the spine in the head, neck and upper back. Damaged nerve roots can cause muscle spasms and jerks, and weakness of muscles.

Useful national contacts The A Word Support Group
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Children & young people

Arachnoiditis (Child Neurology Foundation, U.S.)
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Online resources

Coronavirus - information for people with neurological problems (Brain & Spine Foundation)
Link opens in new window www.brainandspine.org.uk/coronavirus-covid-19

Arachnoiditis (U.S National Organization for Rare Disorders)
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Arachnoiditis (U.S. National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke)
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 Living with a condition (The Brain Charity)

Our resources

The library at The Brain Charity has a range of resources on Arachnoiditis and on a wide range of disability related issues.

This includes a copy of the Arachnoid Trust's booklet What is Arachnoiditis?  by Lina Talbot.