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Having difficulty speaking, and feeling frustrated at losing words, can be a daily experience for people living with dementia. It’s good to know that there are methods of addressing trouble with articulation. 

At The Brain Charity in Liverpool we regularly work with Speech & Language therapists, and have developed a new set of singing-based exercises for people with dementia and carers. By doing these exercises, participants can:

  • Improve swallowing difficulties
  • Strengthen mouth muscles
  • Help breathing problems

Dementia support at The Brain Charity in Liverpool singing

The effects of singing on the brain are, by now, well acknowledged by research. Music activates other parts of the brain than speech, so even when we can’t remember a word, there’s the possibility of singing it! And the positive impact of singing activities can’t be underestimated for people living with dementia. Not only does getting involved in our singing workshops empower participants to use their voices, it provides the opportunity for social engagement and positive neuro-chemical feedback.

These free workshops run for 12 weeks at a time, and you are welcome to book if you - or someone you care for - experiences dementia.

Music Makes Us! Online series

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Thank you to Quilter Cheviot Investment Management for making our Physiotherapy through dance workshops for people with dementia possible.Sponsored by Quilter Cheviot