The Brain Changer Arts Project for Children and young people. Free activities and classes with The Brain Charity in Liverpool

Supported by B.B.C. Children in Need. Registered charity. Thanks to generous funding from BBC Children in Need, The Brain Charity has launched The Brain Changer Arts Project - free workshops that harness the power of the arts to help hundreds of young people with neurological conditions.

The fun, innovative and rewarding sessions, which are currently running as online video classes, provide Physiotherapy through Dance and Occupational Therapy through Art and Craft.

These activities stimulate multiple parts of the brain - dancing improves motor control and balance, can reduce stress and increases serotonin levels while crafting activities assist with dexterity, hand-eye coordination and memory.

The fun workshops are open to children of any age, from any part of the UK and with any neurological condition, as well as their parents and carers.

Physiotherapy through Dance Occupational therapy through Art and Craft

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