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Physiotherapy through Dance - now on Zoom

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Physiotherapy through danceThese free workshops pair the skills of a neuro-physiotherapist and a professional dancer to design and deliver dance routines in which the moves are based on wide-ranging and high impact physiotherapy exercises. 

Dancing improves motor control and balance. As physical exercise it can reduce stress and increase serotonin levels; a hormone which is linked to our feelings of wellbeing and happiness.

These workshops aim to improve mobility in a safe and fun environment.

All of our experienced workshop leaders are DBS checked and will ensure that the sessions are run in a safe and professional manner.

Each programme runs for 12 weeks in a specific location with hour-long weekly workshops. Parents and carers are welcome to join too.

Previously, each programme of hour-long weekly workshops ran in a specific location, with most taking place in schools in Liverpool.

Due to Covid-19, the project is running via safe, private Zoom video sessions instead.

To book a place or enquire about the workshops contact The Brain Charity on 0151 298 2999 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Supported by B.B.C. Children in Need. Registered charity.The Brain Changer Arts Project

Thanks to generous funding from BBC Children in Need, we are providing free dance and art workshops for children and young people, with Physiotherapy through Dance and Occupational Therapy through Art and Craft.